Here comes the bride...

I've just started this blog and already I feel behind!  We've had so much going on lately that it leaves me little time to stop and write about it all, but with all that we have going on, it also leaves much to write about and lots of pictures to post!

So even though some of these pictures are from weekends back, I still wanted to put some up.

First is Mallorie and Ryan's wedding on October 25th.  Ryan and I sat through 4 quarters of a torrential downpour Saturday afternoon as Duke beat Maryland (no pictures due to the rain) and then we headed south (after changing into dry clothes for the 5 hours in the car) to make it to Mal's wedding the next day.  I was a little worried about the weather for her outdoor wedding the last weekend in October, especially after sitting through all the rain that we had, but God granted her nothing but sunshine and abnormally warm weather (upper 60's) for their wedding day on one of the most gorgeous days of the entire fall, complete with a beautiful red, orange, and blue skylit sunset at the end of the reception. 

 The outdoor setting of the ceremony and the reception - Duluth town square in Duluth, GA

Mallorie Grace is mine and Jamie's other sister, fitting in age right between us.  Mallorie, her sister Kalli, and I go way back to the summer before my 9th grade year at Heritage Academy when Kalli and Mallorie transferred to Heritage and lived about an hour from the school. We all met at basketball camp the week before school started - Kalli and I in 9th grade, Mallorie just a little 6th grader - and after the first day, we hit it off so well that my "new" friends came and stayed with me for the whole week so they didn't have to commute back and forth from their home in Snellville to camp in Gainesville every day.  From that week on, Mallorie has been like another little sister to me.  Even when I went off to college, Mal would come and stay weekends with my roommates and I and we'd sneak her into Georgia games with student ID's.  But then when she was home back in Gainesville, she'd go over to my house and spend time with Jamie - they'd go shopping or to the movies.  She really is like a middle sister between the two of us.

And here comes the bride....beautiful Mallorie Grace Krueger...
A little over a year and a half ago, Mallorie met HER Ryan...yep, we both found and married Ryans! :)  They made their relationship official the night before our wedding and he came to the wedding the next day as her date. I have a picture of them from the reception and I can still remember the table that they sat at.  And then, on mine and Ryan's one-year wedding anniversary and their one-year dating anniversary, I got a text from Mal with a cute rhyme saying something like "it may come as a shock, but he gave me a ROCK!" :)

Introducing...Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Jones!!  (The first picture is of my two Krueger sisters - who are both no longer Kruegers anymore...)

It was so fun to get to see so many great friends from home!
Top left is Christie (Cole) Howard, me, Erin Cole, and Britney Whitaker (all BPBC childhood frinds), top right is me with Mrs. Christie (Kalli & Mallorie's mom and my mentor/Bible study leader from high school, college, and post college when I was living at home working for the Falcons), bottom right is me & Ryan, Britney, Christie & Alan Howard, Erin Cole, Erin Channell, and Russ & Kalli Sandifer, bottom right is the "Erin pic" of the three Erin's who grew up together - Erin Pridemore, Erin Channell, Erin Cole.

Big congrats to Kalli & Russ who are now expecting their first baby!  Talk about an exciting weekend for the Krueger family - Mallorie's wedding was on Sunday, Kalli found out she's pregnant on Monday, the next day! 

Britney, Erin, Christie and I had the bright idea of running through the (cold) fountain...

And here is the beautiful sky at sunset at the close of the reception.  It really was a perfect day!

Ok, I actually do have one picture from the Maryland game the day before.  As I mentioned, I didn't take any pictures, but I did find this one in the Raleigh News & Observer.  It's an awesome picture because at the very end of the game when Duke just had to hold Maryland for the last two minutes and keep them from scoring to win, Matt caused a fumble as Duke kicked off to Maryland, getting the ball back to the Duke side and securing the win!

And now we're off to campus - Duke takes on No. 7 Georgia Tech today and my mom's whole side of the family is coming for the game so we're headed to campus to meet up with them!  Pictures from Duke/UNC and our tailgate with Adam & Melissa from last weekend are still to come (I'm so behind!)...

And of course....Go Gators and Go TJ today too - they play at South Carolina at 3:30 today!

 Happy gameday everyone - have a great weekend!

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Becca said...

Beautiful pictures! :-) you look great - i miss you and am glad to hear you're doing well! :-)