Tina's Wedding...finally!

Now after both those blog posts about Tina and the big Duke/Bama game, are you wondering where the pictures are? :)

Am I an inconsistent blogger or what?

Yes, I definintely am.

So, I thought I should get those things taken care of before moving on because this weekend, we are headed to Tuscaloosa Alabama for the Florida/Bama game and if I don't blog about Tina and Duke/Bama before we leave, then when I return, those things will be a thing of the past that I'll never end up revisiting, ha!

Just like how I never blogged about our family beach trip with Ryan's family (in May!) or our Maine trip (in June!) or our friends' summer weddings (in July and August!)!  Maybe I'll circle back around to those eventually...

It's just hard to stay caught up on it when I spend all day at a computer at work and then come home and have to figure out dinner, clean up from dinner, spend as much time with Ryan as I can, and the last thing on my list is usually getting BACK on the computer.  I do write blog posts in my head sometimes, if that counts...they just never make it to the actual computer screen.

But tonight, I'm getting my priorities in line!  No packing for Alabama until I whip out some blog posts, complete with pictures.  Dedication baby...

As for Tina's wedding, it was BEAUTIFUL and SO.  MUCH.  FUN!! On a perfect day for an outdoor wedding in one of the prettiest outdoor settings I've ever seen, she was possibly the most gorgeous, most excited bride I've ever seen.  Knowing Tina, I had a feeling she would be nervous and stressed on the day of, but she was totally relaxed and even said to one of her friends/bridesmaids at one point right before the ceremony, "why are you nervous?  I'm not even nervous!".

We kicked off the wedding weekend on Thursday morning with the Bridesmaid's luncheon that my mom hosted for Tina at a surprise location that turned out to be...the Swan Coach House in Buckhead!

Here is Tina with her bridal party... me, Andrea - her sister and Matron of Honor, Alicia - her niece and junior bridesmaid, Tina, Carlie, and Allison.  Carlie and Allison are two of Tina's best friends from elementary school. It was a fun group!

Tina with her two moms!  Her mom, my aunt Elaine on the left, and Mama Ellis (Wes' mom, Kathy) on the right.  She inherited an awesome mother-in-law like I did! :)

Then came the rehearsal dinner at the Old Mill in downtown Ackworth(?).  Quite possibly the best dinner I've ever had!

Wes' parents put on the sweetest rehearsal dinner too, with a slideshow all about Tina being the answer to their prayers for their son and a video of all the grandparents giving marriage advice.

Andrea and Wes' brother/best man Daniel had to give speeches at the rehearsal dinner.  Andrea was a little nervous about it beforehand, but did an awesome job!

Rehearsal dinner was the first time I got to see Jamiloo since my arrival to Georgia!!  Stinking love that girl and the party was even more fun once she arrived on the scene!  And then I didn't have to decide between the steak or the salmon.  She got steak, I got salmon, and then we split them... :)  Thank goodness for my other half!

Joycie and all four of her grandgirls!

Dun dun dun

and finally I give you...

...the couple of the hour!  

Christina Baguley and Wesley Ellis.

And Tina with her parents, my uncle Steve and aunt Elaine

We were two goofy kids once who did everything together. 
Occasionally, the kids in us still come out to play...

The next morning, the day of the wedding, Jamie, Alicia and I ran some last minute errands to pick up Tina's honeymoon dresses from the alteration shop.  We jammed out/woke up to some Justin Beiber.  Yeah! Lol

Be sure and pause the ipod on the left sidebar so you can hear it.

A little bit later after meeting back up with Tina, Andrea and Elaine, we arrived at the hotel near the ceremony site to get ready.  Wes and his brother had stayed in the hotel room the night before to play golf the morning of the wedding, and this is how he left the room for Tina.  A three page letter, a dozen roses, and a heart made of kisses...

Tina brought Carolyn in to do our hair, which was so fun!  Carolyn did all the girls' hair for my wedding too and that was the last time I had seen her.  Here Tina's discussing what she wants done to her hair.

Tina wouldn't read Wes' letter until after she had written her own.

Little Nelly Olson brat here! She gave me her best brat face to go with her Nelly Olson curls. :)  

Bridesmaids getting ready!

Her daddy first saw her when we got to the wedding site - the Governor's House in Kingston, GA.

Garter - check!  It's her something old and something blue in one!

Putting on the dress with the help of her mom and sister...

And the dress is STUNNING!

Andrea helped put her shoes on and Alicia stepped in to admire.  On go the pearl earrings
- something borrowed!  From me :)  I wore them on my wedding day too.

Bridal party picture time!

AJ arrived and Alicia was so excited to show Andrea and Tina how "handsome" he looked all dressed up.  It was the cutest thing ever!  I don't know which was cuter...AJ or the fact that Alicia was so proud of him and wanted to show him off.

Mom and Dad arrived and Dad wore Bob's tie (Bob is our grandfather - Joyce's husband and Mom and Elaine's dad, who passed away when I was 3, Tina was 4) so Bob could be represented on Tina's special day.

Ceremony time!  Christina Marie Baguley walked down the aisle to meet her groom who had 
yet to see her or talk to her the entire day...

Christina Baguley Ellis came back up the aisle escorted by her husband! 

First dance to Brad Paisley's "She's Everything to Me" song that Wes surprised Tina with. 

Fetching the garter!

Bouquet Toss!

At the end of the reception, we ran upstairs to help her change into her getaway dress.  
Snapped a quick picture of the last time I'll see her until Christmas probably!

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Ellis!

The car got decorated while they were inside dancing.... :)

And they're off!  Headed to the Ritz in Atlanta, then to fly to Jamaica the next morning for their honeymoon!

It was such a perfect day!

(And I took lots more pictures, which I'll post to facebook as soon as I finish sorting through them all!)

Whew, that was a lot of wedding coverage.  I think the Bama game is going to need a separate post.

To be continued...

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Kara said...

Aww, sounds like such a fun wedding!! You looked gorgeous too! Loved the bridesmaids dresses, and your hair was perfect!

Hope you have fun at the Bama / UF game on Saturday! We're taking a weekend off and staying home for this one...I'm hoping they play like they did last week! We should be golden if so!

Your brother had a good block in the bottom of the 3rd quarter for Burton to run it in. We were on the 30 yard line, row 7, so I got to see it up close!

Hope you have fun this weekend!!