My husband, the Provider

My husband's a keeper for sure.  I've known that since 10th grade though.:)  Not only is he dead sexy and fun to spend a Saturday with, but he also takes good care of me...always.  He puts our food on the table.  Literally.  Tonight for dinner, we had fried turkey.  Not store bought turkey, but the turkey that he shot last weekend during our trip to the cabin in Hancock for Easter weekend.  Now I know that as long as I have him around, we will never go hungry.

Ryan and his first turkey!

Shot on 4.3.2010 while hunting with my dad, turkey weighed in at 17.2 lbs and had a double beard. 

He got his first deer this past deer season too while hunting in Hancock with my brothers, Matt & TJ.  


Now he's officially part of the Pridemore hunting club! :)    

Way to go, baby!  I'm so proud of you... ;)


Creepy Crawlers

I hate bugs.  




As in, one of the things I hate most in life.  For those of you that know me well, it's up there with my fear of elevators.  And I really should be more careful with admitting things like my worst fears because I do have two brothers.  Thankfully in light of this confession, I don't live with those two boys anymore and the boy I DO live with is nice to me and kills all the bugs for me.  Although, I think my dislike for bugs is serious enough that even my brothers know better than to go too far with their pranks.  Make me sleep beside their snake, Magnus - I'm fine with that...been there, done that even.  But bugs...I shudder at the thought of them.

My intense fear might have come from the time that I had a tick crawling up my leg and my dad, trying to break me of my fear, refused to get it off of me and instructed me to pick it off myself.  And as much as I was terrified at the thought of it crawling on me, I couldn't bring myself to touch it in order to get it off of me.  When I was nearly in hysterics, my dad finally rolled his eyes and picked it off of me.  Or the times I'd find a bug in my room and would yell for a boy in the house and they'd just have the best time making me squirm while refusing to get it for me as it crawled closer to safety (a dark crevice or somewhere we couldn't get to).  And then when they would finally get it, they'd have to gang up and pin me down and threaten to stick it on me before finally flushing it or squishing it or whatever.  So maybe there is a reason I'm truly terrified of bugs crawling on me...I was tortured as a child.

When I was young, around 6 or 7...ok, fine, I was like12, we had a centipede problem in our basement one summer.  These little centipedes were everywhere and the day I first saw one upstairs, I freaked out.  Especially because they would crawl on the ceilings and I was terrified that they would drop off the on top of my bed or something.  So you can imagine my terror when I SAW one of those nasty creepy crawlers drop off the ceiling onto my sister's bed one afternoon.  I was so horrified that I wouldn't go to bed that night and after putting up a long fight, my mom finally took me to sleep at a neighbor's house.  That's embarrassing to admit, but I'm admitting it because if you know how much I shudder at the thought of a bug on me, you can fully appreciate the story I'm about to tell you that happened to me today. 

So, at work today, I was just sitting at my desk working on the computer when I suddenly heard something land right beside me on my desk and saw it out of the corner of my eye. It startled me in the kind of way it would have if I was in my zone and someone had thrown a paper ball at me and it had landed on my desk, except no one else was in the room.  I glanced over and then out of the corner of my eye saw something fall from my desk to the ground and scamper away really quickly.

It was one of these...

A thousand-legger as my friend and office-mate, Jocelyn, calls them.  I'd never seen a "thousand legger" before working in Cameron, but we see these guys every now and then and both Jocelyn and I HATE them.  I can't bring myself to kill them.  Don't get me's not because I have pity on them whatsoever.  It's simply because even with a shoe between me and a critter, I still can't physically bring myself to do it.  It's a mental thing I guess.  So Jocelyn always does, the brave soul that she is.

But Jocelyn was out of the office today and no one was around to kill it so as it quickly scampered away and was just about to disappear beneath a piece of furniture, I had to make a decision.  Kill it myself or spend the rest of the day knowing that it's roaming around the room somewhere freely.  So as much as it grosses me out to squish a bug, I stomped on that sucker.  And it's guts were all over the floor and on my shoe (it had lots of guts!) and some of it's legs fell off.  Ugh...I almost gag at the thought of it now. Especially the thought of then having to clean it up with a paper towel.  Nausea.  Shuddering.  Sweaty Hands.  I literally lost my appetite and didn't eat lunch until 3:30.  You think I'm exaggerating?  Well, my mother and my brothers and those who know me best will read this and know that it's true. 

So, after the whole killing episode, I sat back down in my chair thinking "where the heck did that thing come from?!?" as I remembered it landing on my desk out of nowhere.  And to make matters worse, when I looked down at my desk to the spot where it had landed, I saw that it left behind it's ghost to haunt me...

How disgusting is that?!???

Want a closer look?

At first I was baffled.  But then I looked up.  And right above me is a large square vent.  So doing the math, I figure that the thing fell out of the vent and when it landed with a thud on my desk, it left behind a dusty imprint before jumping off my desk and fleeing for its life.

Imagine my pleasure at having to sit under that vent for the rest of the day.

And knowing that I have to go back and sit in that desk torture chamber on Monday...