Lots to be thankful for

Well, here we are again with a lot to catch up on because a lot has happened in a short time and I have not been able to find the time to stop and fill you in on it.

Last I left you with (before Mr. Guest blogger took over my duties…thanks Ryan!!) was how excited I was about Laura coming to visit a couple weekends ago. And we had so much fun…all three of us! The highlight of the weekend was Ryan’s facial expression when he walked in the door from work on Friday afternoon to find Laura in her black t-shirt with Edward Cullen’s enormous pale face on the front. Yes, we were a little excited about seeing New Moon and definitely dragged Ryan to it with us (after making him sit through Twilight, slumber party style on Friday night in preparation for the big sequel debut) . Haha, poor guy! He just rolled his eyes when Jacob Black shed his shirt to wipe Bella’s blood off her face - the part where all the middle school aged girls in the theater squealed.

We tried to visit the Duke Chapel but apparently, it’s just not meant to be for Laura to see it on the inside. Of two Durham trips and three attempts, it has been closed to the public for weddings every time we have tried to go.

In that case, we'll just find something else to get into....

Like...playing with Ryan's helmet and doing a reenactment of some eye-gouging!  Little known fact about that.  Brandon Spikes got in a lot of trouble with a lot of unwanted national attention for it during the Georgia/Florida game.  However, Georgia's players (Richt's angels) were doing a good bit of it themselves. In fact, #90 (so as not to name any names) squeezed in a little eye-gouging between plays himself and he happened to pick Florida #45's cornea to scratch (that would be TJ).  That'll make a big sis (and mom...) mad.  I feel better now though because I was informed that #90 was just suspended indefinitely from the team for his 3rd offense recently...that had something to do with beating up his girlfriend or something like that.  So there ya go, justice served.  :)

It was sad to see Laura leave on Monday morning, but the fact that we had a short workweek and would be heading home for Thanksgiving at home with Ryan’s family a short three days later was a slight redeeming factor.

And did it feel good to be home or what? As soon as we got off the Hamilton Mill exit (after 7 hours in the car with crazy traffic), we stopped at the Kroger to get a couple “baking” essentials for the next day and saw our good friend Joseph as soon as we walked in. By the time we grabbed the two things we were after and checked out, we had run into three people we knew. Oh did it feel good to be home! 

Rachel and Jeff let the kids stay up until we got there and it was so fun to walk in the door to be welcomed by their squeals and them running  full speed (Abigail toddling) into our arms for bear hugs . They are just PRECIOUS.

And I can't wait to see this guy be a daddy one day.  As great of an uncle as he is, I know he'll be an amazing one!

We did lots of baking starting the night before Thanksgiving.  Samuel and Ellie Kate were my helpers - they were especially helpful when it was time to clean the beaters!

Chef Samuel ready to whip up something delicious!

I got to read bed-time stories and brush teeth and scratch the backs of these little ones at bed time, but I think my favorite is getting to snuggle with this little sleepy munchkin while she twirls her hair and wakes up from a nap.  I think her "wake-up" period is the only time she's ever still and snuggly. :)

There's never a dull moment with these cute kids!

And Ellie Kate just loved the "duke may-un".  She'd find this bag in the pantry and carry it around saying, "look it's the duke may-un" in her sweet little southern belle accent. We didn't tell her he was a "devil". ;)

Thanksgiving is never complete without a good football game...

And the Auburn/Alabama game is a big one for this side of the family, so there was definitely some tension as we watched that nail-biter of a game.

Ellie Kate and Ryan celebrated big after a BAMA touchdown because the Tide almost gave us a scare!

That tension I mentioned caused my brother-in-law Jeff to gradually inch closer and closer to the TV as the game came down to the very last second.  There may or may not have been some shouting at the tv going on as well...but I'll let the picture do the talking. ;)

But then she decided to join in with her daddy yelling "Rollllll Tide!"

We had a great Thanksgiving with Ryan's family and enjoyed spending time with everyone and playing with the kids.  I'm so blessed to have married into such a wonderful family!

We left Buford late Friday night to make it to Durham for the final Duke game of the season. My parents and Jamie came down from spending Thanksgiving in West Virginia with my dad’s family up there and my uncle/aunt/cousin Kirk, Debbie, and Logan came down too…and brought us leftovers from the WV feast! Kristy/TJ & Kelli/Aaron, want you to rest assured that they also filled us in on the inside jokes/facebook wall posts of WVTgivingY209. Jamie kept her crusty crusts to’ up with chapstick and we heard lots of “oh noooo, did I do thay-at” (Geiko pot hole commercial) from mom and Deb. And I’m sorry I missed out on meeting the new relatives, TJ (Green), but I want you to know that I’m just so proud to be Eli and Caedmon’s aunt. LOL. Missed you guys!

Me and my football player!

Matt and Kirk are two goofballs when you put those two together and I could not get ONE smiling picture of them without them picking on each other. Boys…

Matt with Kirk, Debbie, and Logan - it was SOO good to see y'all!

It seems like our sibling pictures are always missing one person.  We missed you Teej!

The next week, I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend Jodi Bailey from our small group. Can’t express how much I am THANKFUL (so fitting for this week of thanks) to have these sweet friends in Durham. Baby Bailey (it’s a boy!) is due on Christmas Eve. Can’t wait to meet him.

Ok, that’s a good stopping point. I’ll give the update and pictures from this weekend at home (Christmas party with friends and SEC Championship game) in the next few days. If you’ve made it through all of the above, I’m pretty impressed. I’ve really got to start writing posts more often so I don’t always have to play “catch-up”!

Oh and Sadie said to tell everyone to stay's getting cold out there!


Rachel said...

You got some great pics and it was a fun recap to read!!!

Becca said...

you guys are so cute! I love all the pictures :-)

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Jocelyn Fisher said...

I love your blog!! Thanks a lot for getting me into reading blogs. Its the highlight of my day.

Love, your "co-worker" ;-)

loveisaction said...

Yeah Ryan rockin' the CES shirt. haha