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So, a quick update on Joyce really quick. She FINALLY made it through the CDIF infection (thanks to so much help from Ginny...and a miracle on God's part) and started feeling better, getting stronger, and having a more normal appetite. But right before her appointment with the oncologist, she started to get sick again and couldn't keep any food down. So, they told her that chemo wasn't an option unless she got better. She DID get better after another week or so and decided on her own to go ahead and do the chemo. So she went in last Monday to have the port installed into her chest and then started her first chemo treatment last Wednesday. So far, she's had some symptoms, but it could be a lot worse, so we are hoping and praying for the best over the next six months. She will go in for chemo every other week for six months. We appreciate all of your prayers!

In other life updates, I just started a new job this week! And so far, I LOOOVE IT! Definitely a good change for me. I enjoyed the position I had at Roam before this but realized that it was not such a great fit for my personality or skills and it became a very frustrating position for me. Around the time I decided I needed to move in a different direction, Ryan and I had decided to make Perimeter Church our home church (Praise the Lord for a place to finally plug in and get connected!!), and soon after that, saw a posting on their website for a Ministry Associate position with the Global Outreach team. I had not considered it seriously until I was talking to a friend who is on staff at Perimeter and mentioned I had seen the posting and she talked about how awesome the Global Outreach team was. So, because it had been a while since I had first seen the posting, I went to see if it was still even posted and when it was, applied immediately. I interviewed two days later I believe, was offered the job the morning after my interview (on a Friday), and committed to the position the following Monday. I walked out of the interview SO excited about the opportunity because I just felt like it would be such a great fit and really loved the whole group of people that I interviewed with and especially their mission and vision for Global Outreach around the world.

I took off most of last week to have a little bit of time to myself before starting my new position. AWESOME WEEK by the way. Got to spend a day with Joyce (had not seen her in a month and a half, since her surgery since she had been so weak and contagious with the CDIF following surgery!), took a gorgeous fall drive to the mountains of Blairsville to have a baking day with Laura, her mom, sister, and niece (need to get that coconut macaroon recipe by the way, LG!), and ended up spending the night, watching New Moon to prepare ourselves for the next Twilight movie that's about to come out (YAY!), and spent a couple HGTV-style days at Matt's new fixer-upper priming walls, painting the ceilings and trim and helping him pick out counter-tops, floors, and cabinet paint so he can rent out his first house (Pride Property Group, LLC!).

And then on Monday, I started my new job at Perimeter! Walked into a CRAZY week - the team I am working with conducts clinics in partner cities around the world, but twice a year, they host a clinic at Perimeter where partners from around the U.S. and some of our international partner cities come here. Well, the clinic started on Thursday, so I pretty much came in and hit the ground running. Will get a real orientation next week, but this week I just jumped in and started on the clinic and have learned a lot fast! Enough to know I'm going to love it here. The girl that I am replacing is leaving to teach, so I'll be able to work WITH her for the next month...and although I know my position would not have even been available to me if it weren't for her leaving, I'm sad to see her leave! She's awesome and I honestly think we'd make a good team working together, but it's great that I'll have time to really learn the ins and outs of the Global Outreach department ...and the rest of Perimeter...from her. One of the things I love most is the event planning component. That is one of the things I miss most from working for the Falcons and in the Duke Athletic Department - planning the events. I LOVED both of my jobs at the Falcons and at Duke, but when we moved back to GA, I wanted something with more normal hours (less nights and weekends), and I wanted something where I felt like I was investing in people and a purpose I believed in. Which is why this seems to be such a great fit (so far!), in addition to the fact that the more I'm around the GO team, the more I love the fact that I get to be a part of such an awesome team of people and the more meetings I am a part of, the more I believe in the work they are doing and am so excited to be a part of it. There is some event planning, but not on a crazy busy weekly basis. Just periodically. Perfect! Because while I like my nights and weekends, I LOVE the creativity and hectic craziness of putting on events! So it's the best of both worlds. :)

The theme for this fall clinic is "carnival/fair", which was all pre-planned by Ashley of course, and since I just stepped in on Monday, am just helping her put it all on. But so far, yesterday and today went very well and we just have tomorrow to go! Today, for their afternoon snack break, we made caramel apples, corndogs, and had a popcorn station and a dippin' dots stand. Everyone loved it! And if my card-reader on the computer would work, I'd include some pictures, but it's not for some reason and my I.T. man (aka Ryan) isn't here to fix it for me, so sorry. :) Ashley is GREAT at her job (it's obvious everyone is going to miss her tons!) and is definitely leaving big shoes to fill, but the more I'm around her, the more I find that we are so much alike, so I hope I can do the position justice when she leaves! ;)

Ryan is still very much enjoying being at JLL - can't believe he's been there for almost a year now!

We're looking forward to a West Virginia Thanksgiving in a couple weeks with the entire Pridemore Family. That was our one holiday tradition growing up that was the same every year of my life, but Matt and TJ haven't been since they entered high school because Buford was always in the playoffs over Thanksgiving (those high school years, the WV fam came to us in GA and went to the Buford game) and then they both just had their last college season last year. So this is the first year we'll all be able to go...since '01 I think! And my married cousins that have moved away will be there too, so we're excited about Mamaw's cooking, riding four-wheelers in the mountains, card games, and being with the entire family!! :)

Hope y'all are enjoying this time of year - it's pretty out but I'm constantly FREEZING already! brrr....

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