The Big Game....

This weekend is the big game...the "world's largest outdoor cocktail party"...the GEORGIA/FLORIDA showdown in Jacksonville, FL!  And this puts me in a big dilemma...

What am I supposed to wear to the game?


Red and Black or Orange and Blue??  Go Dawgs or Go Gators??  I'm not sure yet - it may come down to a game time decision.  Despite the fact that Georgia is my alma mater and my brother, TJ PRIDEMORE #45, plays for the Florida Gators, this is a big game in college football!  The GA/FL rivalry goes way back.  Even though my allegiance is being divided, I am so excited to be going!!

The last time I was at the GA/FL game was my sophomore year at UGA.  I went down with a group of my Phi Mu friends and we stayed at Mia's beach house in Ponte Vedra - we had SO MUCH fun!  I miss those girls now that we're spread out all over the country, well countries actually, now that Graham is in Spain!

L to R: Meredith, me, Ellie, Graham, Natalie, and Mia - miss y'all!

Ryan and I are getting ready to road trip down I-95 to Jacksonville, FL this afternoon.  In light of Halloween weekend, we may even stop in Savannah for a ghost tour along the way... :)

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Meredith Elder said...

love it! and i know you have to be loyal to your brother....but it's always go dawgs!!!