Welcome to our blog!

Well, Ryan and I are finally jumping on the blogging bandwagon and starting our own blog. After following several blogs for a while and keeping up with friends through reading their blogs, I started thinking that with us living in North Carolina, away from many of our friends and family in Georgia, a blog might be a good (and fun) way to keep everyone back home up to date on what is going on in our lives. We also thought blogging would be a great way to share pictures of all of our North Carolina adventures, our weekend beach and mountain road trips, and of course in the fall, all of the Duke and Florida football game days. This summer and fall, we have taken lots of weekend road trips and lots of fun pictures.

So, back to "thinking about" starting a blog...I had considered it, especially because in the busyness of life, it is the main way that we keep up with Ryan's sister Rachel and her family in Alabama. We don't get to see her, her husband Jeff and our adorable nieces and nephew nearly enough, so I love checking Rachel's blog every day to see the updated pictures and get the cute and funny stories on the kids and their family. At one point, I felt so inspired by her cute blog that I even created a blog profile and played around with the settings, but that was as far as I got, until... on Rachel's birthday in August, she had a giveaway on her blog. You see, Rachel not only has a super cute blog herself, but she also (along with her many other creative talents) designs blogs for lots of other people. So, of all the people who entered her giveaway drawing for a blog makeover, I won! 

So, thanks to my sister-in-law Rachel for our really fun blog design and for getting me started!  And for all of you with blogs who are wishing yours was as cute as mine :), or for those of you who don't have a blog but want to get started with a really cute, personalized one...Rachel will design yours too! Check out Uniquely Yours by Rachel for more information and to see all of the blogs, Christmas cards, invitations, birth announcements, etc. that she has already designed.  And of course, for fun...and inspiration (or just to see how cute our nieces and nephew are), check out Moments with My Miracles, Rachel's personal blog.

Rachel and I at my bridesmaid's luncheon in June 2008

Ryan and I with Rachel and Jeff

So, WELCOME TO OUR BLOG!  :)  I'll post pictures from our weekend in the mountains, our Florida trips and Duke games soon, so check back!


Rachel said...

Yay! Well, I'm most definitely blushing after such nice shouts outs you gave me!!! I'm so excited you now have a blog! And, I really wish you had a better picture of the 2 of you can definitely tell I was bloated and pregnant in that picture from your bridesmaid luncheon! Yikes! The one of the 4 of us is MUCH better:)

Jodi said...

erin you're so pretty. i like you a lot.
ryan, you're ok. :)
no, really you 2 are a breath of fresh air in the triangle of nc...i'm so glad we're surrounded by such a great group of fellow believers:)

Neil said...

Aww my Brother and Sister. I miss yall so much. I need to catch up I will try to call you all this weekend. Love ya

jonchase said...

whoa! cool blog! welcome to the club! ;)