Girl's Weekend, here I come!!!!!!!!!

Come 5 o'clock this afternoon, I will be heading straight to the parking lot where my car is already loaded, and I'll be driving straight to Asheville, NC for GIRL'S WEEKEND!!!

These three girls are, of all my closest friends, the ones that I go the farthest back with.  We've been friends since elementary school. 

Asheville, NC is a fun little town that's perfect for a girl's weekend and it happened to be the perfect place to "meet in the middle".  It's about 3 hours from me in Durham and about 3 hours from them at home in Gainesville. 

It seems that we never have enough time to fully catch up the times we manage to all get together when I'm in town, so I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend full of lots of "catch up" time, food...because we all love food, lounging around in pajamas in our hotel room all day if we choose to, and...

...getting a camera tutorial!  Erin C. (left) is a photographer (she did our engagement pictures!) and knows all the tricks to using a camera, other than just "auto" mode like me, so Susan and I who both recently acquired some fancy cameras are going to have her give us a tutorial! :) 

My only hesitation about this whole weekend getaway was leaving poor Ryan behind all by himself all weekend (although Matt and Wes do live right behind us...) even though he insisted he was happy for me to go, but I do feel better now that the situation worked itself out and his former roommate/teammate Patrick ended up coming down last weekend from Pittsburgh and just decided to stay through this weekend since I was going to be gone.

So, I'm sure these two will have a fun weekend and find plenty to get into.  Matt and Wes have already tried talking them into going to their frat party/crawfish boil tonight, ha!  Ryan said he's too old for that since he's old, married, and graduated, even though he was their teammate just last year.  Other than that, I'm sure between all four of them, they'll have plenty of Call of Duty playing to get under their belt before "she" gets home...since they can't play 24/7 when I'm there.  18/7 is ok, but 24/7 is a little much...

They'll just love it - these two normally join games together online with Pat playing from Pittsburgh and Ryan playing from here, talking over bluetooth... but this weekend, they can just get their fill of playing side by side, screaming "watch my back" right beside each other, live and in person.  I'd really be surprised if they ever get off our red couch all weekend.  :)  Except that Patrick will have to eat periodically.   (picture of Ryan and Pat is from our spring break cruise in '07)

The Pittsburgh Steeler's #55 linebacker can put away some food!  I bought triple the amount of groceries that I normally buy and that normally lasts us a week and a half to two weeks and we have gone through ALL of that food just this week!  I've been doubling recipes that I normally make for mine and Ryan's dinner that usually leave us with enough leftovers for both of us to take for lunch the next day, and we've been eating it ALL - just me, Ryan, and PATRICK!  I pretty much gave up and instead of going to the grocery store again before I left, just left them leftovers in the fridge and decided they could go out to eat if they needed anything else.  I mean, I come from a family of six hearty eaters with two of those being college football players who know how to put away some food, but this guy is a glutton...a food black hole...a GOURMET GARBAGE DISPOSAL, LOL!  I must say though, he's made some food (homemade granola/candied pecans) during the day when Ryan and I are at work, and it's all been delicious. And it has sure been fun to have him around all week - wish we got to see him more often.  Can't wait to visit him and Maggie in Pittsburgh and go see him play in his home stadium!

Well, everyone have a great weekend!  And keep the poor people of Haiti in your prayers!  We have some family friends who just returned from there last Friday following a medical mission trip.  They have a close missionary friend who lives there and runs a school who has still yet to be found, so please pray they find her alive!

And...I'm off!!!


Becca said...

Have so much fun!

Jodi said...

yes...erin c looks totally familiar. :) what was her major while at asbury?

GraceAnna Castleberry said...

I didn't know you had a blog either, I stumbled on it yesterday. So glad I can keep up with you even though I don't see you anymore and we never got to really hang out :) It was just nice to see another Southern face on a not-so-southern campus :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get your pearl necklace? I love it!

Livin' the Wood Life said...

Jo - Erin C. was a media communications major and lived in Kresge with emily cross and ashley mason. ring any bells?

Anonymous - (p.s. who are you?) :) "Anonymous" just makes me curious! My parents gave me my pearl necklace and the earrings that match for my 20th birthday and I THINK they were from Gainesville Jewelry, but from about 4 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! I'm the Anonymous one, I'm Stephanie from Hamilton, Al. I ran across your site though your sister-in-laws. I work at State Farm and have followed her site since Samuel had his heart surgery. I'm getting married in May and would love to have a pearl necklace similar to your.