My public apology

It has been drawn to my attention that I need to clarify something that I wrote in my former post, "Girl's Weekend, here I come!".  In order to accurately describe the massive amounts of food that our friend Patrick consumes, I had referred to him as a "garbage disposal". 

Well, last night, his girlfriend Maggie posted on my facebook wall:  "'GARBAGE DISPOSAL' -- I was cracking up!! Patrick got himself a new nickname from me haha!..."

And then I woke up to find an email with the subject "I've got a problem" from Patrick himself that read:

I have a problem with the words that you have used in your blog.  The words "garbage disposal" do not articulate the situation appropriately and therefore should be taken off the blog.  These said words don't accurately represent the food that was consumed.  The food was delicious and very far from garbage.  Therefore, you may say that I was either (a) a glutton, (b) a food black hole - which I'm thinking about naming a black hole after Maggie for her birthday, - or (c) a gourmet garbage disposal if you want to keep the garbage disposal part.  I just wanted to ensure that words provided in your blog are true events experienced by real people in real time and that I enjoyed the delicious food.
Patrick Bailey"

So, I want to clarify to Patrick and Maggie and anyone else who may have misunderstood my use of the term, that "garbage disposal" is most definitely a term of endearment in my book and was intended that way the first time I wrote it.  The term has now been changed in the original post (second to last paragraph), but since it was important to Patrick and since his email was so funny, I thought I would share the humor with you and clarify that I meant the term only in a positive way.  As one who loves to cook, the biggest compliment to the cook is when someone eats lots of their food and seems to enjoy themself in the process, so "garbage disposal" was definitely a compliment, Pat! :)

h   e       i   s      a   l   w   a   y   s         e   a   t   i   n   g   .   .   .

P.S. I also want you all to know that I did not spoil any surprises for Maggie's birthday by including the black hole part of Pat's email.  The black hole is a running joke between them.

So, in an effort to ensure that words provided in this blog are true events experienced by real people in real time, I just had to get that off my chest.  Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice story! I am Maggie's sister, Katie Sweeney. I think anyone that reads your blog, not knowing you, would find that you seem to be nothing but kind, sweet, and caring! Hopefully, we'll get a chance to meet! I have heard Maggie & Patrick both talk at length on how much fun they have with u!