I've converted...the darkness has won me over.

Creepy title huh?

Before I go any further, please let me apologize for my "bloody bunny" picture to anyone who might have thought, "ewww, GROOOSSS!".  Apparently, I've become very desensitized to the sight of dead animals since I have grown up with hunters (dad, granddad, uncles, and my brothers) all my life.  I wanted to find a picture of the boys at the cabin in Hancock to make my point about them spending as much time there over spring break as they can because it's where they spend all their time when they come home and when I looked through the "Hancock" picture folder to quickly just add a picture to make my point, they were all group pictures with my brothers AND all of their friends in them, so when I came across this one I thought "Perfect!  One of just Matt and TJ...that'll do" and posted it before I even thought twice about the fact that they are holding bloody game in their hands.  I mean it could have at least been a deer or something not as cute as a bunny I do realize.  So sorry bout that!  If it makes you feel better, my family really does love bunnies and we have a pet bunny rabbit named Bella who runs the house (seriously - Sadie our Lab even shares her water bowl with Bella - the bunny really does run the house), but that's another story for another day.

Back to my post.  So apparently you all want the update on what happened to my hair.  And appaaarrrrently, we forgot to take pictures of it other than the video from my sister's camera, which is really funny because you can hear Jamie's nervous laughter and my mom's nervousness and see the blonde streaks chunks.  However, it only shows my hair wet, so no finished product.  But for your viewing pleasure....

Enjoy!  (you'll have to pause the iPod on the left sidebar to be able to hear the video)


And here's what my hair looked like after we finished washing it and combing it out. Because it was a highlight "touch up", they only covered my roots and didn't cover all of my hair to the end of the strands, hence the bright blond on top and dark blond on the bottom - and no, none of it is a shadow.  Notice the hint of tension in their voices??

So, after wearing my skunk stripe hair for two days to church and to work, I went to a stylist last Tuesday to have my hair mess fixed.  Melissa had to do three, I repeat...three(!) color treatments to my hair.  First step was to put some wash on it that my then porous hair (from all the bleach) would absorb so that my hair would be able to hold any color and/or highlights she added to it after that.  This process would initially make my hair darker as it absorbed, but then she could make me back blond again by doing a base of my natural color, which has actually gotten pretty dark and then going back in and adding the highlights.

I snuck a picture of my hair during this "wash" process when she walked away and thought " this is what my hair would look like dark brown." 

And because I've always been curious what my hair would look like dark brown, on a whim, I told Melissa to make it dark brown!  I went through my pros and cons with her and it turns out that the process to go darker would be less damaging to my hair than the process to go back to my normal shade of blond because that would have required more bleach in addition to the intense bleaching it had already gone through.  The pro that made my decision final was when she told me that it would always be easier to go back to blond from the brown, but harder to go to the brown from the blond.  So I said "let's do it Melissa!"

And here's what we got:

 The new "me"! 

Dun dun dun...

Which do you like better?  The blond me or brunette me?  Don't worry, I promise your honesty won't hurt my feelings!  Lots of people at work actually told me they LIKED my hair when it was in it's blond striped crazy state, and even AFTER I told them "no, no, no, this was a mistake and I'm getting it fixed", they'd still say, "oh well I really like it!".  That's when you know people are lying and only tell you what they think you want to hear, haha!  Gerald was the only person at work to give me his honest opinion and he told me right before my hair appointment that he didn't care what I did to my hair, just as long as I didn't do "that" and he pointed to my head!  And I appreciated his honesty. :)  And when I returned with dark hair, he also told me that he liked my hair better blond, ha! 

Ryan does like it though - he says it brings out my eyes.  But there's a slight chance he could be blinded by love. ;)

That's why I need your you can help me with my decision.  I like it both ways, so I'm glad to have it this way at least for a while and just for a change.  But do I stay a brunette?  Or come summertime, do I add back the highlights and go back to my typical blond?  Decision, decisions - I hate decisions!  HELP!


Design A-Peele said...

Ok, so I like change a lot. So the dark brown is fun. But I like it blonde better. I have always wondered what I would look like with brown hair...just never had the guts to do it! Glad you tried it! Its fun!

3LittleByrds said...

Erin, I love both ways. I honestly couldn't choose. You're a doll either way and I'm sure which ever you choose will be fine.

Rachel said...

I like it Erin! You would be beautiful with any color hair though. And you know, I am going dark next time I get my hair done...whenever that may be:)

Pat Harley said...

Love all the pics - I think your hair looks great brown! But I'm a big fan of dark brown hair :-) love it!

Breanne said...

I love it both ways! You know me, I am always changing my hair. You should just change it with the seasons like me! :) I am glad I finally had the chance to get on your blog!!!

Lisa Cook said...

Erin I absolutely LOVE it darker. It truely brings your eyes out...but want ever you do you will always be beautiful. I Love You!