Duke / Alabama

Now on to Alabama!  (In the blog post sense and in the pack-my-bags-and-fly-to-Alabama sense!) :)

Duke/Bama was a weekend with Rachel and Jeff and Martha and Dexter, if I can even call it that.  It was a weekend for Ryan and more like a fun 12 hours for me, since I spent the first half of the weekend at home for Tina's wedding, but the time we did have all together was fun!

And Crazy...

And Exhausting...

And the game ended with a big fat ugly "L"...

But it was still lots of fun.

Let's back up a bit so I can explain why it was so exhausting...

So first, I flew into Atlanta on Wednesday night, got to my grandmother's house around 9:30 PM, met up with a good friend around 10 of my college roommates who lives in the same suburb of Atlanta as my grandmother/cousins that I hadn't seen in way too long and had lots to catch up on...and turned out the light at 3:30 AM.  Night 1 of less than 5 hours of sleep...

Then, I had to get up at 7 AM on Thursday to run some errands and get to the Bridesmaid's luncheon.  Then ran errands with Tina all afternoon...picked up her dress from getting altered, booked their massage for their honeymoon while she tanned, etc...ran with Tina and Wes to Belk on the way to the rehearsal to have the sensor removed from her dress (emergency crisis!)...then rehearsal/rehearsal dinner (Jamie arrived from Athens, woohoo!), got back to Joyce's around midnight only to stay up until the wee hours of the morning hearing all about lil sis's college life only to have to get up again at 7 AM.  Night 2 of less than 5 hours of sleep.

Up early Friday morning, wedding day.  Wedding/Reception, get to Joyce's after midnight.  Shower, pack up, go to sleep at 1:30 AM.  Get up at 5:30 AM to head to airport.  Night 3 of less than 5 hours of sleep. And bless my poor grandmother's heart who also got up at 5:30 AM to drive me to the airport!

Land at RDU at 10 AM, get picked up, stop by the house briefly (have I mentioned we bought a house on here yet?  oops, sorry!  We bought a house! :) ), then head straight to campus for 90 degree game day...EXHAUSTED!

We did a little tailgating and watched the Georgia game, then headed toward the stadium to catch the Devil's Walk.  Ryan and Jeff (bro-in-laws) are talking football in their opposing team colors. :)

Devil's Walk!

Wes, Matt, and Banks' eyes peeking over Hatcher's shoulder

Bama fans had to check out Cameron Indoor.  We went in with Rachel and Jeff and there were a ton of Bama fans in there...they even started the Roll Tide 3 times. 

Alumni players on the alumni deck!  Fun to see some of the guys we don't see too often.

Where's Jeff??  I'll give you a hint.  He's the one in the red shirt. 
Still can't find him?  He's the one waving...

Game time!  Here comes the team....

Pridemore trying to pull off a mohawk lol.  Can you see it?

Love this pic.  Egboh taking down Mark Ingram! Go Egboh!!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that this was the first time that Rachel and Jeff have visited Durham since we've been married.  Unfortunately, because it takes 10 hours in the car to get here and we didn't have enough tickets (or so we thought...ended up with extras at the last minute though), they didn't bring the kids with them. 

So this weekend, we're returning the visit!  We're headed to Tuscaloosa for the Florida/Alabama game and killing lots of birds with one stone!  This will be our first trip to Tuscaloosa visiting Rachel and Jeff since they have lived there and we'll get to see the kids this time (yay!), we'll get to see Ryan's aunt and uncle and grandmother in Birmingham, hopefully get to see his cousins that are in school at Bama, and of course, get to finally see TJ and a Florida game...and a good SEC match-up at that!  

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Kara's Korner said...

Have so much fun!! GO GATOR'S!!! It'll be quite a loud and rowdy game...SEC rivals are the best, and this one is at the top!