We are so excited about the start of football season - my favorite time of year!  Fall weather, tailgates, great games, two brothers playing...we just love it!  And with way too many teams to cheer for (refer to right sidebar if you don't believe me!), Saturdays in this household are spent on pretty much nothing other than football.  Most Saturdays, we're either at the Duke game or traveling for a Florida game.  The weekends that get crazy are the ones where Duke and Florida play at the same time.  Then you'll find us sitting in the stands of one game with satellite radio in our ear listening to the other game (or the Georgia, Bama, West Virginia game).  We wake up to ESPN and it goes about all day. 

Today, Duke has Elon for their season opener at 7 PM.  With a high of 83, an evening game, and 4 different tailgates to attend, it'll be a beautiful game day at Duke!  GO BLUE DEVILS!

Florida takes on Miami of Ohio at noon and TJ will match up against his high school buddy, Jaytee Swanson. My parents are there this week to cheer TJ on while we cover Matt at Duke.  We're thankful it's on ESPN, so we can watch our #45 from a 550 mile distance. GO GATORS!

And Jamie's experiencing her first ever game day as a freshman in Sanford Stadium.  GO DAWGS! Sic 'em!

Happy Football Season everyone! 


Rachel said...

Your blog looks great!!!!

Erin said...

Thanks Rach! I have my lovely and talented SIL (you!) to thank for my blog addition and for teaching me everything I know about blogging/blog design! :) It's alot to live up to, so a compliment from you means alot!

Kara said...

Hi Erin!

Thanks for the sweet comment over on my blog. It's hard to find other gals that are as into college football as I am (I do have a few), so I was thrilled reading through your post!! Congratulations on your new home, so exciting! I'm sure you're overwhelmed with all of your ideas for making your house a home AND the unpacking. I can definitely relate!

I'll keep my eye out for your brother this weekend. We go to every home Gator game (and a few away), and we DEFINITELY go up for the Florida Georgia game every year, which is always a fun rivalry!

We tailgate across from Salty Dawg / Grog, so if you're ever in the area and want to stop by, shoot me a line.

Thanks again for fun meeting new people this way! Oh, and best of luck with your door hardware...we love ours!